• I had the honor of spending the day with Jim Obergefell in Cincinnati recently for The Washington Post. Jim and his husband John married on a medical jet in Maryland while John was suffering from ALS. “It was not a long marriage, just three months and 11 days — the time it took his husband, John Arthur, to struggle to say “I thee wed” and then die from ALS. Now their union, and the 20-year relationship that preceded it, is at the center of Obergefell v. Hodges, the title case of four appeals the Supreme Court will hear this month to decide whether gay couples have a constitutional right to marry. For Obergefell, the case is simply about that tricky-to-pronounce name: He wants it on Arthur’s death certificate as the surviving spouse, an idea the state of Ohio, where same-sex marriage is illegal, opposes. Should Obergefell win, history books will likely take a more expansive view of his quest.”

    If you get a chance, read this beautiful story by Michael Rosenwald here.